The world of dentistry can be confusing to navigate but here’s something that should help. Introducing the dentistry team!

Your General Dentist is always here
Helping to restore, preserve, and maintain.
For all oral woes they’ll lend you their ear
And specialists’ aid they’ll help to attain.

For everything inside your pearly whites,
The complicated canals of blood vessels and nerves-
These are an Endodontist’s delight
Your teeth they will preserve.

Experts of the bite and jaw,
Orthodontists do more than just braces.
From imperfect smiles to other flaws,
They ensure all are in their rightful places.

The biggest threat to your natural teeth
Isn’t cavities, but gum disease.
The master of the gums is the one you’ll need
The Periodontist will provide care with ease.

From infancy to teenage years,
The Pediatric Dentist provides specialized care.
Able to soothe all cries, bites, and tears,
You’re in good hands in a Pediatric Dentist’s chair.

Stay tuned for part 2!

The world of dentistry (pt. 1)

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