In a busy world of packed schedules, it can be easy for trips to the dentist to fall off the calendar. However, there are more reasons than you might expect for going to the dentist regularly- it’s not just about whiter teeth and brighter smiles.

You may notice that your dentist examines not only the health of your teeth, but also your gums, mouth overall, and throat. This is because they are checking for issues that you may not even be aware of, beyond the obvious ones that may already be giving you pain. The symptoms they see may indicate early signs of oral cancer, diabetes, tooth decay, and Gingivitis/gum disease. Early detection can make all the difference in prevention, successful treatment, and decreased pain, as well as lessen the amount of future problems. This also means lowering the potential cost and frequency of treatments since symptoms are less severe and easier to treat when caught early on.

On average, patients are recommended to visit the dentist once every 6 months. Because everyone’s situation is different, the frequency of recommended visits should be determined on a case by caste basis. In addition to regular visits, it’s also important for patients to inform their dentist of any pain or deterioration in their oral health between visits. For example, bloody and swollen gums can indicate plaque build up that may cause Gingivitis or gum disease if left untreated. Letting the dentist know as soon as symptoms are caught rather than waiting until the next appointment will save future pain and troubles.

Remember to determine the optimal frequency for you with your dentist and in the meantime, practise good oral hygiene!

The importance of regular trips to the dentist

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