We have written at length about the importance of good oral hygiene and a healthful diet low in sugar to help keep cavities at bay. You can read about high sugar cavity culprits and how to fight them here.

Instead of lamenting on the dangers of sticky sugar laden Easter candy, we have compiled some sweet (dentist-approved) suggestions on what you can offer your little ones that won’t risk tooth decay!

With the Easter bunny hopping into your neighbourhood at the end of the month, consider replacing your typical candy treats with some of the following:

Hunt for Easter coupons

Type or write these out of colourful paper, cut them into strips or circles, and place them in those hollow plastic eggs. Weather depending, you can hide these outdoors or in, and have a hunt:

  • One rocking dance party to [insert favourite musician here]
  • One trip to the Science centre/Aquarium/Zoo
  • One extra episode of [insert favourite TV show here]
  • One cookie baking afternoon
  • One epic fort building evening complete with all of the blankets, pillows, and fairy lights
  • One bracelet making session
  • One movie date with parent, grandparent, guardian, sibling, relative, or friend
  • One extra late sleep in allowed (or extra early wake up, age dependent)

Set up a craft station

We love this easy and cute bunny nose craft by Kids Craft Room.

Teachable moment: Did you know that unlike our teeth, rabbits’ two front teeth (incisors) never stop growing! Bunnies need to chew on rough, fibrous foods like hay and vegetables to grind their teeth down to a healthy length.

Dye your own Easter eggs – naturally!

We love the deep rich tones that Magnesium Blue was able to create with cabbage leaves, grape juice, and turmeric (pictured at top).

This science experiment doubles as an easy opportunity to remind our little ones that what we eat has a direct effect on the appearance of our teeth. By soaking the pearly white eggs overnight, they absorb colour of the food that coats them – much like going to bed without brushing our teeth!

And when you and your kids do inevitably indulge in some sweet treats this Easter, take the opportunity to make sure you have your regular preventative cleaning appointments for the season booked.

Dentist approved Easter activities

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