If you’re one of the millions of viewers of the wildly successful Netflix remake Queer Eye, chances are you caught every dentist’s favourite episode: Season 1, episode 6 ‘The Renaissance of Remington’. In this episode, fan favourite grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness (or JVN) tackles young entrepreneur Remington’s flossing routine (or lack thereof).

With a few short minutes to educate Remington on the importance of regular flossing, JVN introduces him to a water flosser (aka oral irrigator). JVN successfully mainstreams an otherwise clunky and unknown dental tool unlike any dentist ever could.

Here is a transcript of the hilarious exchange (emphasis our own):

JVN: This is the biggest moment: One of the things that I took away from this is that you are completely gorgeous and stunning but when I asked about our floss game I was like, “Honey, no”. Cuz, we wanna floss, but sometimes it’s like, “who really wants to floss?

So I hooked you up with a big-girl water pick. I use them once in the morning, and once at night. All we’re talking about is you just wanna get the crap out from between your teeth. So what you do is just turn it on, mind the overspray – hello!

A fine mist of water showers over Remington

 Yes, and that’s what you do. So you just

Points pick into his mouth, gestures the technique, grunts twice.

Do you wanna try it?


JVN: Point it right between your teeth – you can get all friendly with yourself.

R: Tries it, sprays everywhere

JVM: yes, Queen, that’s how you do it! And do it methodically, too.

R: more spray

JVN: clapping Yes, Queen. Yes! Yes, Yes! Yes, Yes!


JVN: Do you feel it?

R: No I do, I feel it.

JVN: All right. Lets get you on to gorgeous Tan.

 End scene.

If your curiosity has been piqued, then read on to understand more about the tool, and how it can compliment your oral hygiene routine.

  • The what: Water flosser, oral irrigator, brandname: Waterpik
  • The how: Shoots a thin stream of water at a high velocity, strength can be turned up and down
  • The why: When used correctly, removes food particles from between the teeth and at the gum line, can even work away at plaque build up
  • The cons: Needs to be plugged in, has a tank of water, not exactly pocket friendly, takes up coveted bathroom counter space
  • The pros: Excellent for people with braces, dry mouth, and those that just seem to get a lot of food stuck in their teeth

If you find yourself in the minority of the population that flosses their teeth daily, then a water flosser likely isn’t for you. If you are in the majority that can’t seem to get into a regular flossing routine, then this  gentle, novel tool that leaves your teeth feeling squeaky clean is an excellent option. Flossing with regular floss is the absolute best for healthy gums and teeth, but a water flosser can compliment this routine beautifully.

Queer Eye: The mainstreaming of the water flosser

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