Spring has officially sprung. The cherry blossoms have bloomed, beckoning the hoards of spectators who flock to the parks. The threat of Fourth-Wave-Winter has nearly been extinguished, and our parkas have bravely marched into storage for their short retirement.

As buds continue to unfurl with the promise of summer in the air, so too blossoms an instinct to engage in Spring Cleaning. Deep within us explodes an urge to get on hands and knees and scrub away the dinge that has collected all year. Places previously untouched by the feathers of a duster are tickled anew.

Hands up if your to-do list looks something like this:

  • Vacuum baseboards behind the couch
  • Scrub bathroom grout until it sparkles
  • Mop floors until they shine
  • Polish stove top back to it’s original glare
  • Wash glass doors until so clear that the family dog walks into it (OK maybe not the last one, but you get it)

And so, while you engage in the ancient ritual of spring-cleaning your home, we are here to remind you of the one big thing you’re missing: your mouth! Here are some delightful stock images to help your to internalize some of that same zest for spring-cleaning:

Fresh air < fresh breath

Sparkling mirrors < sparkling teeth

Stains scraped from grout < plaque scraped from your gum line

Polished white tiles < polished white teeth*

No spring-cleaning will truly be complete until you have the smile to match.

*To learn more about the benefits of professional whitening services, stay tuned for our next blog post. Sneak peek here.

The one thing you missed during spring cleaning

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