The snow in the forecast, combined with the rotting pumpkin on your neighbour’s doorstep may fool you, but Halloween was a meagre 2 weeks ago. If anyone in your household did the trick or treating rounds on October 31st, chances are good that there remains a stash of boxed raisins, powdered sugar rockets, and maybe even some of the good milk chocolate stuff, too.

Far from handing out toothbrushes instead of candy, we do want to take this opportunity to remind our readers what some of the major Cavity Culprits out there are:

Cavity Culprits:

  • Hard candy that dissolves slowly, like lollipops and Jaw Breakers.
  • Gum (not the sugar- free variety) that is chewed and chewed…and chewed.
  • Soft, sticky (and sneaky) candy that gets stuck in teeth. Think: toffee, caramels, jujubes, etc.
  • Dried fruit in all its varieties include high concentrations of fructose that stick to teeth

To prevent your *ahem* children’s teeth from going the way of your neighbour’s pumpkin, we’re here to suggest some techniques to keep them smiling:

  1. Lead by example – allow them to indulge in their loot after eating a healthy meal. The extra saliva in our mouths that appear when we sit down for a meal will go a long way in flushing the plaque building sugars away.
  2. Encourage them to drink water with their treats. Milk may be chocolate’s best friend, but water is the best sugar free option available out there.
  3. The Candian Dental Association reminds those who wear braces to be extra careful around “nuts, popcorn, tortilla chips, hard candy, caramel and other chewy candies to keep their braces safe and intact”
  4. Emphasize good oral hygiene: this the time of year to brush up on your kid’s brushing and flossing routine.
  5. Consider inviting the ‘Switch witch’ to your home to free yourselves of the oodles of less-than-best treats that remain. Never heard of her? Read on below!

Switch Witch:


As the story goes, the Switch Witch swoops in when invited in order to trade unwanted treats for a tangible gift or an experience. She even comes with her own storybook poem:


‘My name is Switch Witch

From the land of Moonlight

I come to trade candy

On Halloween night!

With my black cat “Zoom”

I ride on my broom

Swooping here and there

Looking for a child who will share

I switch your candy for a toy

That I know you will enjoy’


On that note, we hope you enjoy your treats and remember to brush and floss throughout this holiday season!

Rotting pumpkins and rotting teeth: Halloween candy 2 weeks later

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